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Les Textiles English Subtitles D [CRACKED]

Mohamed Ulad-Mohand, 1993English, Arabic, and French with French subtitles, 27 minThe first film of Mohamed Ulad-Mohand, this documentary-fiction is set to the music of American composer and writer Paul Bowles and mixes archival footage with shots of Bowles reenacting his dreams and talking about his sixty years living in Tangier.

Les Textiles English Subtitles D

Olivier Laxe, 2008Arabic, Spanish, French with English subtitles, 78 minWhen Laxe moved to Tangier in 2004, he developed Dao Byed (White Light), a filmmaking workshop for children at risk, in collaboration with the Cinémathèque and local non-profit Darna. Between a documentary and fictional story, this film came out of this workshop and shows how the director's unorthodox methods caused his relationship with the children to disintegrate.

Sean Gullette, 2011Arabic with English subtitles, 31 minThis short film follows the lives of an all-girl punk band as they illicitly shoot their first music video on the streets of Tangier by night. Traitors was commissioned as part of the Sharjah Biennial 10.

Randa Maroufi, 2015French and Arabic with English subtitles, 14 minIn a series of tableaux, the camera explores an abandoned amusement park in Casablanca, following the youngsters who have made this site their own.

Sido Lansari, 2019French with English subtitles, 16 minThis is the almost-true story of Sami, a young gay man who works in a Casablanca hair salon where he dreams about dance and Egyptian divas. Mixing archival images and photographs, Lansari follows Sami into his life of exile in Paris, a city with changing attitudes toward homosexuality that Sami navigates with the help of his lover, Daniel.

Abstract:The purpose of this study was to investigate whether subtitles can facilitate language processing in English as a second language (L2) and, if so, which subtitles would be more beneficial for hard-of-hearing students with Norwegian as their first language. In total, 14 advanced learners of L2 English were recruited and tested on English comprehension and target vocabulary items based on video material provided with subtitles in English or Norwegian in comparison to no subtitles (control condition). Subtitles aided comprehension of the plot, tested immediately after clip presentation, with an advantage for English subtitles over Norwegian subtitles and no subtitles. Furthermore, subtitles were found to enhance the performance of the participants with moderate hearing loss more than they did for mild hearing loss participants. The inclusion of English subtitles only marginally enhanced vocabulary understanding for both mild and moderate hearing loss students. The findings of this study can be transferred to classrooms and may supplement other methods of adjusting the academic environment, in order to meet the need of students with hearing loss.Keywords: hearing loss; language development; second language acquisition; comprehension; subtitles 350c69d7ab


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