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About Janet


Janet's great interest in the body, beauty and in healing herself and others began 37 years ago while working in Aesthetics with a mentor and teacher who, at the time was years ahead of the more common Western approaches to beauty.  This teacher believed that beauty begins from our inner health; whole food based nutrition, high-quality water intake, exercise, trace elements and supplements were all significantly considered and were even more essential that the beauty treatments themselves when seeking to improve one's beauty.  Her direct experience observing and working in this way clearly showed time and time again that a very obvious mirroring occurs between the inside health and outer radiance and that good health was the key factor within the undeniable results that were attained with her mentor's clients.  It was during this time that Janet realized that it was the massage component in each of the aesthetics treatments that she performed that was what truly mattered to healing and that truly sparked her passion; this was also the driving force encouraging her to explore further towards gaining knowledge into massage and energy work.  She attended an outstanding and very unique massage college in Northern Italy in a small city in the province of Trento which taught her in this exact same, integral way and it was here that for the next three years she learned the mechanical aspects of the body and of massage.  The Barelli School was far ahead of the times in this field of education and prided itself on an all-encompassing, integral curriculum taught by top-notch and very exceptional teachers who instilled their students to think outside the box.  The curriculum at the Barelli college combined several distinct elements, to name just a handful of what they included: TCM, ART, Myofascial Release Massage, Chroma therapy, Plantar Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Whole Food Nutrition, Thalassotherapy, Pranic Energy Healing, and Aromatherapy as part of their massage certification program. Janet considers and combines some or all of these methods in each treatment she gives, customizing the treatments depending on each individual’s personal needs, she decides which modality/modalities to use based on what she finds and the course of action to best take when helping her client's attain their greatest physical and spiritual potential.  After completing her certification Janet stayed in Italy worked in a renowned medical poli clinic in the Veneto region along side with several top specialists in the medical field there. These specialists would resolve their patient's issue and then prescribe them postoperative therapeutic treatments/massages such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage, for illnesses such as diminished drainage and water retention, kidney disfunction, detoxification, inflammation, and treatments such as Myofascial Release for bio-mechanical debilitation, fasciitis and diminished circulation due to diminished activity or function and lymphatic drainage treatments to speed up tissue healing and patient's post-op recovery in general.   For over the past 25 years Janet has also insisted on focusing on her own health, spiritual growth and inner-peace as well as to align better to help her clients to decipher their own body and mind signals in keeping with the basic rule of thumb, that experience makes the expert above and beyond outside training.  She has done this through personally learning and practicing countless alternative ancient methods that support and trigger transcendence of the lower self via self-enlightenment and so has also gained additional, rare and valuable wisdom to share through these extraordinary experiences such as through practicing Vipassana Meditation, Buddhism, Crystal Therapy, Alchemy, Shamanism, First Nations and South American Shamanic practices, using Medicinal Sacred Herbs, and taking part in various sacred ceremonies with these herbs.  Janet continues to keep herself well adjourned through reading, courses and through guidance received in her meditative practice to explore other methods as they become more relevant to an ever more spiritually evolving humanity, heralding in this long-awaited new, coming age.


Whether you are injured, feeling general aches and pains, needing physical correction to bring symmetry back to your structure or whether you're feeling 'stuck' in life and needing to restore and maximize your spirit's peace and wellbeing via an energetic release, her life's work experience, her extensive knowledge, strong capability to recognize the bigger picture within an individual's dis-ease, broad scope of knowledge in nutrition and supplements and her multi-faceted, integral and intuitive healing ability and approach, effectively aids and guides the open and willing individual on all levels of wellness, both while working on them as well as afterwards with the tools and insight that she gives them to maintain and progress through their transcending process. Couple all of this with what she includes and shares with the individual during each treatment, her invaluable knowledge and unique insight on how to maintain your wellness independently of her is what sets her apart in her field.  Janet has over 30 years of expertise to share with you in health and wellness and in the field of intuitive healing as a, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Tummo Reiki and PSYCH K™️ practitioner and MBS (mind, body, soul) wellness coach.  


What kind of client would best benefit from Janet’s services?


Massage and body work is often viewed solely as a quick-fix or as an occasional luxury however is much more; like similar ancient medicines, massage is also a preventative measure towards all diseases.  Bodywork or massage doesn't only decrease pain and injury however it releases trapped emotions that distract the brain from it's focus on the organs and their optimal function, it improves blood and lymph circulation as well as energy (Qi) flow in all of the meridians thereby also maximizing all of our organs' functions, it greatly aids in the elimination of toxins that pollute the system and it's functions, it increases oxygen levels and lowers high blood pressure and high cortisol levels all too common in the high-stress way that life is lived today.  Viewed long-term, when considering all of the previous mentioned factors and when applied in combination with other healthy life-style practices, receiving bodywork, promotes optimal health and prolongs the life-span.


The client that would best benefit long term from treatments with Janet will be the type of client who feels the need to shed a limiting and debilitating part of themselves, that they seek release their demons/traumas that they are trying to find fulfilment in life and that in doing so, they will come into their true, highest self, happier, more at peace, healthier.  The person who will best benefit is a person who is open to healing on all levels, not just physically and who believes that how we fuel our bodies and minds has everything to do with our total health.  Fuel is not only what foods we eat and which quality of water that we drink but in large part, it is also the subconscious mind and its unrest that contributes to our staying 'stuck'.  The use of our body's posture as well as what we hold in our psyche from past experiences or traumas greatly prevents our being all that we can be in life.  This client will be open to delving into themselves, observing their thoughts and emotions, adjusting the habits that contribute to mechanical dysfunctions and to dis-ease that their body is demonstrating symptomatically.  


The suggestions Janet may give would be ones within the realm of information that Janet has been taught by her teachers and mentors as well as from knowledge that has been collected by her through her own self-practice, anecdotal evidence collected by her over the course of her fulfilling her goal in doing all that she can to help all of the transcenance-seeking souls to get comfortable in their bodies and likewise, helping to guide them to freeing themselves from all that has been holding them back from the happy and fulfilled life that they desire (ask about PSYCH K if this is you).


Janet’s client will gain the knowledge on how to directly support and maintain the results that they receive during her Integral-Intuitive Massage sessions through correspondence and self-practice/self post-maintenance.  


These remedies can include any one or a combination of: home stretching, rolling, release, activations specific to their injury/asymmetry and/or 

practices to bring balance back to an incorrect mechanical use of that area on a daily basis as well as observing their everyday, often unconscious, habitual actions.  The proper use of the body is of great beneficial importance such as, one’s most preferred sleeping position(s), and practicing balance with their stance, in the way that they sit or walk. 


Quality of food and water nutrition and supplementation play another large role in the way the body functions and would also often need some adjusting in order to successfully maximize efficient function and health long term and to reduce physical discomfort and longevity.


Lastly, the physical body is greatly reactive to the state of one’s spirit and to psychological trauma, past or present and so a client of Janet’s should be open, and willing to face these emotions with her support, that is if they want to improve long-term.  Some tools that aid greatly in this process are PSYCH K, a daily meditation practice, attending specific retreats, seeking further support of other recommended spiritual healers/life counsellors, and or to simply to become disciplined in becoming an observer of life, of themselves by engaging into focused awareness of their thoughts, actions/reactions to everyday situations as having strong feelings about certain people or situations that one experiences day to day are directly linked to their growth and enlightenment, their past stored traumas and these events 'come-up' in their relations with others especially to give them the opportunity to face these difficult experiences so to be able to come to terms with them once and for all rather than repeating them all endlessly.


The body reacts to all of these factors as we are 3 dimensional beings and over time we builds-up undeniable signs that one or all areas require a attention in how we live in order to progress and flow rather than solidify and digress toward pain and disease.  These habits are often adopted for several years if not for most of our lives and so patience and perseverance are required but results are inevitable with this, the disciple is always bound for success.  Janet’s goal is to give her clients obvious, immediate relief with her treatments however requires one’s 'initial-stage' regularity in visits, openness, willingness to do the work and their co-operation in order to have success in moving towards towards long-term resolve of these discomforts.  Janet is a massage therapist interested in freeing you from the need to see her often and continuously but rather more on a 'maintenance treatment frequency' scale so to give you the formula to maximize your own body’s health body, mind and soul through your own enlightenment.



Integral Massage & Energy Release - 90 Minutes:


Integral Massage & Energy Release - 120 Minutes:


Integral Massage & Energy Release - 150 Minutes:


Plantar Reflexology  30 min. 


Plantar Reflexology  60 min. 


Facial Acupressure and Facial Lymph Drainage 30mins.


Tummo Reiki 60 mins.



Travel and fuel fee







PSYCHE K is a modality that is applied via the re-wording of an often old and limiting thoughts that dwell within the subconscious mind.  This new thought is then applied during a series of neurologically-sensitive postures which are proven to re-program the subconscious mind to completely and automatically adopt the new, positive thought as truth.  This method is painless, instant and permanent; it opens up a whole new world of possibilities to allow people to get past their own 'roadblocks' , to lead the happy, fulfilled and successful lives that they deserve. This modality is a perfect addition to a massage therapy session; the massage addresses the physical aspect which manifests from the psyche itself and the PSYCH K addresses the psyche which is the root or origin of the physical pain or of the underlying physical disease and the very limit in our existence that prevents us from attaining all that we desire.














🌼Sessions are provided in the comfort of your home or cottage, within Toronto and the GTA, Orangeville, Collingwood, Thornbury, Meaford and all surrounding

areas of Georgian Bay by referral only.


🌼New clients are accepted by existing client referral or by social media association upon Janet's discretion only. 


• Every service provided is customized to each individual's needs discussed and determined during consultation and/or during the treatment.  


• Symmetry Mobile Massage provides the table, linens, massage oil, essential oils and music.


• All services performed with the use of organic essential oils and extra virgin organic Jojoba Oil.  


• Minimum service order of 120 minutes per location with outcalls; this can be for 1 person solely or in combination with a second or even third person requesting services at the same address with a 90 minute minimum per person.  An additional $40-$60 travel & fuel fee per outcall location depending on distance.




Cancellation Policy


Please give a minimum of 48 hour notice for single appointment changes and/or for cancellations as well as an additional 24 hours notice for each additional hour reserved with scheduled appointments to avoid fees.  Covid-19 positive cancellations are NOT subject to fees, please stay home and isolate.  Payment for repeat, short-notice cancellations are required in advance, upon reserving your spot, the payment is kept regardless of whether the treatment successfully occurred or if the client cancels.  Thank you for your co-operation!



"There are lots of good massage therapists out there but few who stand out as truly exceptional. Janet provides an experience that is so much better than the average massage as to be in almost a different category. Janet treats not just the muscle-group she is working on but the whole body and each of the senses with equal sensitivity. She knows how to make the experience the most relaxing, the most healing, the most refreshing by the combination of her manual skills, choice of oils, music, attention to warmth and body positioning and sensitivity to the needs of the different body systems. Added to this is that she has a lovely, thoughtful, generous personality whose warmth and wisdom pervade the experience. After a massage with Janet, a massage with anyone else would almost certainly be disappointing."

—  Claudia Hepburn



T• 647-296-8739

*Janet provides in-home massage therapy, reflexology, PSYCH K™️, she works strictly and exclusively by referral only.

*120 minute treatment minimum booking per location, 90 minute minimum treatment per person. Please do not include travel and fuel costs, please add $30-60 depending on your location.


* Due to the varying locations where my services are provided and the travel times required, Symmetry Integral Massage is unable to provide you an online booking option. To schedule an appointment please contact Janet via text/email with your name, the name of the person who referred you, the treatment(s) that you are interested in, a few dates and times that will work for you in the order of your preference, as well as your address.  I promise to get back to you at my earliest and will do my very best to accommodate your schedule. New clients, kindly call me to set up a phone consultation prior to booking services.  Thank you.

Symmetry massage provides in-home service in and around all marked towns and routes on the map provided above. To confirm that your town is included in this wide range from Northern to Southern Ontario, please contact us.

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