Janet's love for healing began 37 years ago working in Aesthetics with a mentor and teacher who, at the time was years ahead of the more common Western approach.  This teacher believed that beauty begins from our inner health; whole-based nutrition, high-quality water intake, exercise, and supplements were all needing significant consideration to attain the best results.  Her direct experience observing and working in this way clearly showed time and time again, the mirroring that occurs between the inside health and outer radiance and health by the undeniable results that were attained with her clients.  It was during this time that Janet realized that the massage in each of the aesthetics treatments that she performed was her true passion and was the driving force of her need to explore further into massage and energy work.  She was able to find an overseas massage school in Rovereto, Italy which taught in this same integral way and for the next three years where she learned the mechanical aspects of the body and of massage.  The A. Barelli School curriculum combined elements of TCM, ART, Myofascial Massage, Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Nutrition, Thalassotherapy, Energy Healing, and Aromatherapy as part of their massage certification program. Janet considers all of these methods and each individual’s personal needs when deciding which modality/modalities to use and the course of action in helping her clients attain their greatest physical and spiritual potential.  Whether injured, feeling general aches and pains, needing physical correction to bring symmetry back to one's structure or whether one is needing to restore and maximize their soul's peace and wellbeing through an energetic release, she is tremendously gifted a holds a strong capability to recognize the bigger picture in dis-ease. A broad scope of knowledge in a combined array of modalities and a multi-faceted, integral-intuitive healing approach is then strategized and targeted to the individual on all levels and is what sets her apart in her field.


Janet has 24 years of expertise as a Massage Therapist and intuitive healing  She has been an RYS registered yoga instructor for the past 4 years and a Reiki practitioner for 2 years. Janet is presently the sole owner and practitioner of Symmetry Massage, Yoga & Reiki providing Integral-Intuitive Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselling, the Symmetry Apothecary carries the highest quality and rare supplements for home use as well as private yoga instruction and some aesthetics.



What kind of client would best benefit from Janet’s services?


Massage and body work is often viewed solely as a quick-fix or as an occasional luxury however is much more; like similar ancient medicines, massage is also preventative towards disease.  Bodywork releases trapped emotions, improves blood and lymph circulation as well as energy (Qi) flow in all of the meridians thereby maximizing all of our organs' functions, aiding in the elimination of toxins, increasing oxygen and lowering cortisol levels.  Viewed long-term, when considering the previous mentioned factors and when applied in combination with other healthy life-style practices, receiving it, promotes optimal health and prolongs the life-span.


The client that would best benefit from a treatment with Janet will be the type of client who believes that how we fuel our bodies has everything to do with our health.  Fuel is not only what foods and quality of water we eat and drink but in large part, also the subconscious use of our body's posture as well as what we hold in our psyche from past experiences or traumas.  This client will be open to adjusting habits that contribute to mechanical dysfunctions and to dis-ease that their body is showing them.  


These suggestions will be ones within the realm of information that Janet has been taught by her teachers and mentors as well as knowledge that has been collected by her, anecdotal evidence, over the course of her long career helping numerous souls to get comfortable in their bodies and likewise helping to guide them in freeing themselves from what’s holding them back from the happy and fulfilled life that they desire.  


Janet’s client will gain the knowledge on how to directly support and maintain the results that they receive during her Integral-Intuitive Massage sessions and through correspondence post-treatment.  


These remedies can include any one or a combination of: private yoga sessions specific to their injury/asymmetry or homework to bring balance back to an incorrect mechanical use of that area on a daily basis as well as in their everyday, often unconscious, habitual actions.  The proper use of the body is of great beneficial importance such as, one’s most preferred sleeping position(s), and balance in the way they typically stand, sit or walk.  


Quality of food and water nutrition and supplementation play another large role in the way the body functions and would also often need some adjusting in order to successfully maximize efficient function and health.  


Lastly, the physical body is greatly reactive to the state of one’s spirit and to psychological trauma, past or present and so a client of Janet’s should be prepared and willing to face these emotions with her support.  Some tools that aid greatly in this process are a daily meditation practice, seeking further support of other recommended spiritual healers/life counsellors, and or to simply become disciplined in adopting awareness of their reactions to everyday situations as strong feelings about people or things that one experiences are more often than not, directly linked to past stored trauma.  


The body reacts to all of these factors as we are 3 dimensional beings and over time builds-up undeniable signs that one or all areas require a 'revamp' in how we live in order to progress rather than solidify and digress toward pain and disease.  These habits are often adopted for several years if not for most of our lives and so patience and perseverance are required but results are inevitable with this.  Janet’s goal is to give her clients obvious, immediate relief with her treatments however requires one’s 'initial-stage' regularity in visits, openness, willingness to do the work and co-operation in order to have success in moving towards long-term resolve of these discomforts.  Janet is a massage therapist interested in freeing you from the need to see her often and continuously but rather more on a maintenance treatment frequency and give you the formula to maximize your body’s health and to keep it that way. 



Integral-Intuitive Massage & Energy Release - 90 Minutes:


Integral-Intuitive Massage & Energy Release - 120 Minutes:


Integral-Intuitive Massage & Energy Release - 150 Minutes:


Plantar Reflexology (Visceral & Structural) 30 min. 


Plantar Reflexology (Visceral & Structrural)  60 min. 


Facial Acupressure and Facial Lymph Drainage 30mins.





Travel to your location:



Private Yoga instruction - 75 minute



Facials - price provided during email/phone consultation.  

Eminence Hungarian Organic Skin Care products, Divine Essence, and Organic Infusions essential oils. 


Apothecary Nutritional Supplements:  

Ocean’s Alive 2.0, Cold Pressed Miron Glass Bottled HQ Panaseeda Seed Oils.















🌼Sessions can be provided either at your residence, within Toronto and the GTA for a certain time minimum and fee (see below) or at Janet's home studio; a high-vibrational, sacred geometry-protected and energetically balanced haven further deepening the entire experience.  In addition, the recipient at Janet's location also receives Kangen alkalinized, ionized, anti-oxidant water, a freshly pressed organic juice after their treatment and paid GreenP parking.


🌼New clients are accepted by existing client referral or by social media association only. 


• Every service provided is customized to each individual's needs discussed and determined during consultation and treatment.  


• Symmetry Mobile Massage provides the table, linens, massage oil, essential oils and music for both in-studio and out-call visits. 


• All services performed with the use of organic essential oils and extra virgin organic Jojoba Oil.  


• Minimum service order of 120 minutes per location with outcalls; this can be for 1 person solely or in combination with a second or even third person requesting services at the same address with a 90 minute minimum per person.  An additional $30-$50 travel & fuel fee per outcall location depending on distance.


• Please add 13% for Harmonized Sales Tax to all services. Receipt provided.  Forms of payment accepted include cash or eTransfer payment paid prior to or at the time that the service is provided.


• All facial services are provided in-studio at King and Bathurst location. 


Cancellation Policy


There is a strict 48 hour minimum notice required for single appointment changes and/or cancellations and an additional 24 hours notice for each additional hour reserved or for Tuesday and Wednesday scheduled appointments (closed weekends) to avoid fees. First-time short-notice cancellations, 50% of service fee required and for any subsequent short notice cancellation, the full price of the service is expected.  Payment for any second time or more, short-notice cancellation clients is required in advance, upon reserving your spot .  Thank you!



"There are lots of good massage therapists out there but few who stand out as truly exceptional. Janet provides an experience that is so much better than the average massage as to be in almost a different category. Janet treats not just the muscle-group she is working on but the whole body and each of the senses with equal sensitivity. She knows how to make the experience the most relaxing, the most healing, the most refreshing by the combination of her manual skills, choice of oils, music, attention to warmth and body positioning and sensitivity to the needs of the different body systems. Added to this is that she has a lovely, thoughtful, generous personality whose warmth and wisdom pervade the experience. After a massage with Janet, a massage with anyone else would almost certainly be disappointing."

—  Claudia Hepburn



T• 647-296-8739


King & Bathurst Location

Toronto, ON


* Due to the varied locations where my services are provided and travel times required, Symmetry is unable to provide an online booking option. To schedule an appointment please contact me via text/email with your name, the treatment(s) you are interested in, a few dates and times that will work in the order of preference, as well the desired location.  I promise to get back to you at my earliest and will do my very best to accommodate your schedule. New clients, kindly call me to set up a phone consultation prior to booking services.  Thank you.



* Open Monday-Friday.