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Patch Maroc Telecome

The sale of all products and services of Telecom is not permitted by law in Morocco. For more information, contact the Moroccan regulator DGCCRF at , or visit .

Patch Maroc Telecome

Kenna is a cloud-based patch management tool specifically designed for Penetration Testing, providing a comprehensive set of tools to create, deploy, and monitor patches on the appliance and virtualized environment. We make it easier for the entire deployment team to know what patches have been applied to what hosts, and when they're applied.

Kenna is the most advanced, automated patch solution that provides real-time virtual patching and auditing for your entire environment (and beyond), with cloud-based API integration for multi-cloud deployment.

The best way to improve security is to disable SMBv1 and patch to the latest version of SMB. The vulnerabilities discussed above affect SMBv1; using later, nonvulnerable versions of SMB will prevent SMBv1-dependent attacks. Note that Microsoft disabled SMBv1 on Windows 10.

The company re-entered the market with a new service "Telecome for Mobile" to integrate its services on the latest smart phones. The service is already present in Morocco, Spain and France. It is currently offered through operator Orange and will be completed by the end of 2012. In addition, a "Telecome " or "Infinitel " service has been launched in 2004.

October 15, 2004 Maroc Telecom (Maroc Telecom) and the Spanish group IntSights announced that they have entered into a partnership to develop the IntSights Enterprise Security Platform and the IntSights Security Marketplace. The first component of the partnership, the Enterprise Security Platform will provide complete visibility into assets and prioritized vulnerabilities across the enterprise. Security teams get relevant risk-scored CVEs enriched with external threat intelligence, revolutionizing the vulnerability patch management process.


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