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Treeline Cheese Where To Buy

Availability: Treeline Creamy French-Style Soft Nut Cheese is sold in about 3000 stores throughout the U.S. They also sell direct to customers via their website, and ship nationwide. See their website below to find out where to buy or to order online.

treeline cheese where to buy

Additionally, Treeline just launched four new flavors of shredded and sliced vegan cheeses, perfect to use for everything from cold cut sandwiches and tacos to creamy lasagna and pizza. Their two shred flavors are Mozzarella and Cheddar, and you can find American, Pepper Jack, and Cheddar as slices.

The cheeses are made from cultured Brazilian cashews that are fermented and mixed with sunflower oil, and the reception is already overwhelmingly positive. The new shreds and slices are available now for nationwide shipping on their website. You can find the cheeses in stores in spring of 2022.

The cracked pepper was my favorite flavor. It was bit sharper than the classic variety and I loved the hint of spice from the black pepper without it being overbearing. I just ate it right on top of crispy wheat crackers and that was delicious. It was the hardest texture of all the vegan cheeses I tried, very sliceable and not spreadable at all, which was great.

No photo for this one, sorry! This flavor was one of the milder ones, but a little but of tang from the peppercorn. If you just want a more mild cheese-like spread with a slight tang, this one is for you. I think this would also be good in a wrap, mixed in with pasta for a gourmet cheesy noodle dish, in a baked potato or in a risotto.

I also found Treeline for sale online at here. Good news for those living without a vegan-friendly shop nearby or just those who prefer their cheese to come to them! ?

When you go plant-based, you may wonder, Where could I wake up on Sunday and grab a delicious, fluffy, bagel, slathered in dairy-free vegan cream cheese? Bagel shop owners may look at you quizzically when asked if they carry any non-dairy cream cheese (although many shops in New Jersey and New York carry tofu cream cheese), so if you're searching for a delicious non-dairy schmear, we've tasted the best dairy-free cream cheeses on the market to find the very best vegan cream cheese, ranked for health and taste.

Even though it's easy to have a soft spot for cream cheese, cutting out dairy products from your regular diet can present significant health benefits. By consuming more dairy, you increase your risk for several diseases or health issues such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and more. For example, regular dairy consumption leads to a 60 percent higher risk of prostate cancer and an 80 percent higher risk of breast cancer.

Dairy also leads to several other chronic conditions or problems such as inflammation and acne. The easiest way to keep your body healthy is to phase out dairy products, and yes, that includes cream cheese. Simply adopting a plant-based cream cheese option to your diet can help you keep your body healthier in your day-to-day life.

This one was a pleasant surprise; a tangy, creamy spread that did a pretty good job of mimicking the original dairy spread. Surprisingly sweet, as if it had a dash of vanilla in it, this cream cheese is a perfect companion for a cinnamon raisin bagel or anything you want to add a hint of sweetness to.

While this formula was a little heavier and harder to spread than the others, it was the taste that left something to be desired. Strangely, the most overpowering flavor was a lemony citrus taste, masking even the divine savoriness of the scallions. When I mixed equal parts of Miyoko's Sensational Scallion with another plain cream cheese it evened out this zingy, acidic taste and was far more pleasant. Next time, I might try to mix chopped scallions into my favorite cream cheese instead of buying this pre-made option.

When Philadelphia Cream Cheese announced it was coming out with an all-plant-based dairy-free formula I practically leaped at the chance to try it. A family favorite for generations, I was practically raised on it. The taste and consistency did not disappoint. On a bagel or in a recipe (cream cheese frosting anyone?) this is the exact same as its parent brand and you could easily fool anyone. Glancing at the label, I was shocked to see it has 6 grams of Saturated Fat and the first ingredient is coconut oil. If you are eating plant-based to avoid unhealthy heart-disease-promoting foods, sat fat from coconut oil is as clogging as that from animal products like butter. If you're in it for the planet, animals, or a dairy allergy, this is a great choice for you. Keep it handy all during the holidays and everyone will spread it on with abandon!

This is not your average plant-based cheese, or in fact, any cheese. This kind of cashew-based creation elevates any meal and could fool cheese lovers into believing that it's real dairy cheese. When I gave my friend a slice of a baguette and Treeline cheese, she couldn't believe it was vegan and we basically finished the entire container in one sitting. This option is one of the best for shoppers looking for a heart-healthy option with only 1 gram of saturated fat per serving.

8. Parmela Creamery Creamy Cheese Spread ($7): Perfect for crackers, sandwiches and bagels, these nutmilk-based spreads come in Kalamata olive, original and black pepper flavors. The company also offers aged cheeses that closely resemble brie. (Photo via VegNews)

10. Follow Your Heart Provolone Slices ($6): Sandwiches have met their match with these slices. Late-night vegan grilled cheese sammies are easy to make with these meltable non-GMO provolone or American slices.

11. Nary Dairy Cashew Cheese: Currently only available in Los Angeles at local health food stores and farmers markets, this raw cashew cheese is packed with enticing varieties such as roasted Gilroy garlic, herbed cream and kimcheese. (Photo via Natureal Mom)

13. Field Roast Vegan Chao Cheese Slices ($7): Combining the ideas from a Greek cheese maker and a Taiwanese tofu company, Field Roast invented a new type of coconut-and-tofu-based cheese. Chao, a fermented soybean curd popular throughout Asia, is turned into delicious and meltable cheese slices in coconut herb, creamy original and tomato cayenne.

Treeline Treenut Cheese is an organization that manufactures and sells vegan cheese products with the goal of establishing and sustaining a humane and sustainable future for all. Spreadable cheese products from their company are a healthy substitute for processed and nutritious cheese because they are created from whole cashew nuts and are free of 041b061a72


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