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Dartsy Diaper

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Dartsy Diaper

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cowaterde/dartsy-diaper.. By cowaterde. Caged 2011 DivX Dutch AC3Dartsy Diaper.. Container.. OverviewTags.. Sort by.. Newest.. No tags available.. This repository doesn't have any tags.

A Bamboozle was sent by Bummis to be used in a video about Fitteds (not finished editing yet!) so I took the liberty of reviewing it as well. This diaper will be sent to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope, along with many others, soon. *means an affiliate link is in use. If you purchase anything through this link I will receive a small percentage, so thank you!

Baste the cotton webbing to the RIGHT side of the exterior piece at the back of the diaper keeper. Another option on this step would be to make a fabric strap. If you do use the cotton webbing I would recommend getting a fairly thin one (mine was from Hancock Fabrics), some webbing is much thicker than others.

I like this so much better than the other diaper clutch patterns out there. The pattern I tried made it difficult to insert the diapers. This one looks much better! I will definitely be giving this one a try. ?

Love, love, love this tutorial. I have been trying to find a small project to add to making a car seat cover for a friends shower, this will be PERFECT! I since I am stil diapering I might as well make on for me too!

i found this tutorial when i was still pregnant and made a pouch for myself. i have loved it so much, i have made one for my sister and 2 sister-in-laws for their babies. the only thing i did different was cut a longer piece of the velcro for the closing piece so that it will fit snugly with different amounts of diapers/wipes inside. love this tutorial, thank you for sharing your talents!

Thanks for the tutorial! I just finished making mine, in cute pink and brown. So excited to use it, especially in the diaper bag, it will be nice to reach in for wipes and be able to slide them back in without dealing with a huge flap! Thanks again!

thanks so much for this tutorial. the idea was ingenious. i am loving my diaper pouch! your tutorial was well written and easy to follow. the project came together quickly and without a hitch. i blogged my pouch here if you are interested:

Appropriate swim wear is required. Swim wear is defined as an article of clothing, such as a swimsuit, that has been designed to be used in a pool environment. Swim wear should be lined and may not be transparent at any time. Sandals or water shoes are highly encouraged. Revealing swim wear and thong or t-back swim wear bottoms will not be permitted. Cut off jeans, denim clothing, hard metal objects and shoes cannot be worn while riding the water slides. No undergarments may be visible at any time. No profanity/vulgar images or language allowed. Those wearing jean cut-offs or any other street apparel will not be allowed to use the water slides and may be asked to leave the park. All toddlers are required to wear a swim diaper. If you do not have one, a vinyl diaper cover can be obtained at the gate and is covered in the cost of the toddler admission.

A young mother at the park the other day moved slowly across the newly cut grass, her hands full of baby and diaper bag and the all-important cellphone. Her phone began to slip out of her grasp. I watched as she chose to slide her child gently to the ground in order to manage the phone. Pretty sad day when an electronic device holds more sway than a child.


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