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Skin aging is also associated with progressive atrophy of the dermis and changes in the architectural organization leading to folds and wrinkles.25 Asian and black skin has thicker and more compact dermis than white skin, with the thickness being proportional to the degree of pigmentation.26 This likely contributes to the lower incidence of facial rhytides in Asians and blacks. In addition, darker skin types are thought to have more cornified cell layers and greater lipid content compared to white stratum corneum.27,28

The major cell type of the dermis is the fibroblast, which synthesizes the main structural elements of the dermis. Black skin has been found to have more numerous, larger, and more nucleated fibroblasts, smaller collagen fiber bundles, and more macrophages than white skin.29 Chronological aging reduces the life span of fibroblasts; their potential for division being lower in the elderly.25 Fibroblast functionality and reactivity likely contribute to both the aging phenomena and abnormal scarring.

Recorded after the assault by her then-boyfriend, Chris Brown, Rated R had a much darker tone and was filled with various emotions she experienced throughout 2009.[186] In her fifth album Loud, Rihanna reflects on the fun and energetic vibe she had while recording the album.[90] The album is a mixture of ballads, party anthems and empowering love songs.[187] Talk That Talk was similar to Rated R, as both contain hip hop, R&B, dancehall and dubstep genres.[188] Loud and Talk That Talk saw her explore sexuality in her work ("S&M" and "Birthday Cake") and return to her dancehall roots ("Man Down" and "Watch n' Learn").[189] She also branched out into house music with tracks like "We Found Love", "Only Girl (In the World)" and "Complicated".[190] Her songs are also inspired through record sampling from other artists.[191]

Many of her music videos were shot as short films exploring issues such as love triangles, abuse and substance abuse romance, including "We Found Love" and "Man Down".[190] Her music video for "Umbrella" shows Rihanna's transition into adulthood and her newly adopted image.[217] The "dark, creepy" scenes of "Disturbia" have been compared to Michael Jackson's Thriller.[215][218] The video for "Russian Roulette" features Rihanna in a padded room playing a game of russian roulette with her partner. A scene of Rihanna being approached by a speeding car at night was compared to the altercation with Chris Brown.[219]In 2011, Rihanna released three controversial music videos about sadomasochism, rape and domestic violence.[220] "Man Down", which features Rihanna shooting a man in a train station, was criticized by the Parents Television Council.[221] "We Found Love", which shows Rihanna and her love interest in a drug-filled unhealthy relationship,[219] sparked criticism from the Rape Crisis Centre for its message.[222] Charne Graham of the Houston Press defended her, asking, "Why should Rihanna's music videos get everyone riled up when others' equally sexual and controversial videos are in rotation [...] she just like[s] to make music videos that give us something to talk about."[220] Rihanna was the first woman to pass 2 billion cumulative views on the music video website Vevo.[223] As of December 2016, she has accumulated over 10 billion views on the site.

Known for her style and image, the evolution of Rihanna's music and fashion sense have been constantly followed by the media.[229] In 2009, New York magazine described Rihanna's early look as that of "a cookie-cutter teen queen", noting she has the ability "to shift looks dramatically and with such ease".[230] Around the time of the release of her second studio album, A Girl like Me (2006), many critics felt that Rihanna's style, sound and musical material were too similar to those of Beyoncé.[231][232] In an interview with Look magazine, Rihanna spoke about comparisons to Beyoncé: "Beyoncé is a great artist and I feel honored to be mentioned in the sa


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