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Welcome to - an online store dedicated to bringing all of the quality AllSarongs brand products you expect. We invite you to search through our vast selection of styles and colors to find the perfect sarong. If you run into any questions or need help deciding which one is right for you, you can check out helps files or you can reach a customer service team member at any time of the day via email or via our contact page. We respond quickly, even when we are not in the office. We keep our return policy simple because we want you to feel comfortable shopping with us, knowing that always have the option to "Return it" if you aren't satisfied with your purchase. Our mission is to make the experience of buying a sarong online an exciting and fun one.

buy sarong

One of the many reasons our repeat customers keep coming back is...our "Free Priority Shipping". Our current promotion includes free 2-3 day average shipping to any domestic address (being all of the 50 states, Hawaii and Alaska included, and any other US Territories, like Puerto Rico) when the cart total is over $20. This is easily accomplished by purchasing only 2 sarong cover ups. Considering most people buy two or more anyway, the majority of our shipments get the free shipping promotion. If you do only want one sarong or maybe a clip, the shipping costs is decent - at USPS Priority rates. Our international shipments are sent at United States Postal Service prices. We ship daily, Monday - Friday, at 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern) for exceptional expedited shipping service. if you order before those hours, you will get same day shipping - at no extra cost. For more information about our shipping policies and details, please visit our shipping information page.

Our products are sorted in different categories by styles, size, use and color. Our cover-ups typically come in three different sizes: Half, Full and Plus. Note that all of our size information is based on an approximate measurement as each one is handmade and hand cut. Typically they all end up very similar in size, but some might be off by a few centimeters or inches one way or the other. The half size is typically 22in by 66in (or in metric: 56CM by 168 CM) - this means you could wrap it around your waist and a beach cover-up or swimsuit wrap and it would be able to go around 66" and it would hang down about 22". The 66" around the waist could be tied and let hang down. The full size is about twice the size of the half, being 44in by 66in (or 112cm by 168cm). It too has a wrap around the waist of 66 inches that can be tied off and let hang, while the waist-to-floor hang would be near 44 inches. If this is too much, it can be folded prior to wrapping around the waist to adjust the drape of the sarong wrap to the dimensions you may need. The plus size is approximately 44" by 84" (112cm by 214cm) or sometimes 44" by 88" (112 CM by 224cm). This size works well for people who wear plus sizes and also for others who want to use the plus size to tie into a dress style or dress sarong. These three different sizes are typical for our products, however, please note the size description on each products individual page as some wraps may be larger or smaller then these typical sizes.

While many of the sarongs we carry are made of soft quality rayon, some are made of sheer polyester (they will be well noted as "Sheer" on the individual product's page). Rayon is a natural fiber that has been manipulated into a thread and woven to create a material. The process of the rayon creation is extensive and detailed. Indonesia is where most of the world's sarongs come from as it is a major producer of rayon fabric. Everything at AllSarongs in hand crafted in Indonesia from the islands of Bali and Java. If you haven't yet, take a moment to feel the softness of a rayon cover-up after its been washed and dried. You'll find it to be one of the softest fabrics you've held, imagine wearing it.

Most people in the United States wear sarongs as a bathing suit cover up or beach wrap, but they are becoming very popular with sports enthusiasts. They work well as a cover up after game, workout or run and they allow for maximum comfort, while helping you to stay cool. For some they've turned into every day comfort clothing when its hot to beat the heat, yet in style! There are hundreds and hundreds of uses for sarongs besides wearing them; although that is the main reason our customers buy them from us. Other reason to own a sarong include uses like wall covers, window shades, stroller covers, scarves and shawls, table cloths, bed covers and of course beach blankets to layout upon. The lightweight design allows for easy travel packing, making them the perfect item to bring along on your next vacation.

"How to tie a sarong" is a question many people wonder about prior to buying one. For that reason, every single order on our site automatically comes with detailed tying instructions in a downloadable PDF file and video instruction with several different tying styles and ideas. These Sarong Tying Instructions come in the order confirmation email and also in the shipping confirmation email. this allows you to preview them in detail prior to your package arriving so you can be well versed on the different methods to tying a sarong. We are confident that you will be able to easily wear an AllSarongs brand sarong proudly after watching and read these instructions.

Our customer service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via email. We do respond quickly even outside of office hours. If you have any problems during checkout, we advise you to contact us so we can troubleshoot and take the order by hand if the site issues are not easily resolved. Objectively, we want to make ordering a sarong from us as easy and comfortable as possible. Another reason to feel comfortable is our dedication to safety online. We employ a Industry standard 128-bit encryption and a $10,000 fraud warranty included with purchase to protect our customers. is also a PCI certified e-commerce website. That means that your most sensitive data, including credit card numbers, remains safe and sound. Online safety is one of our top concerns.

I bought this sarong to wear on top of my swimwear. I cannot explain how much I love it. It's so comfortable to wear. Having 2 little kids, so lightweight yet modest. Oh my God I absolutely love and everyone that saw this sarong on me complimented me. Can't wait for the SAND colour to arrive.

When asking about pricing for sarongs, it's a little like asking for a price on a dinner, or a t-shirt...So much depends on quality - workmanship, materials, process (batik tulis, batik cap, printing, etc). There are also handmade sarongs versus machine made, and now there are places that sell imports from China!

Most Balinese people have become accustomed to the "strange" ways of tourists and are not usually offended or surprised by a Westerner's ignorance of Balinese customs and beliefs. But a little knowledge of such things is valuable, especially in the more remote villages. When entering a temple or witnessing a religious ceremony, you should wear the customary sarong and selendang (sash) over appropriate clothing (no shorts or miniskirts); usually someone outside the temple will be willing to rent or lend these items to you.

If you plan to visit several temples during your stay, buy yourself a sarong and a sash at a market beforehand. A selendang should cost you less than $1, while a sarong, depending on the quality of the fabric, can range in price from $3 to $75. In a temple it is considered rude to walk directly in front of people praying. It's generally acceptable to take photographs, as long as you are a reasonable distance away from people and don't use a flash. According to an ancient law still strictly adhered to today, a person with a bleeding cut or a menstruating woman is not allowed to enter a temple because blood on holy soil is taboo. And always make a donation at any temple you visit or any ceremony in which you take part. If the ceremony is at a private house, it's acceptable to offer a gift of sugar, tea, or coffee instead of money.

Be prepared to visit any temple no matter what you are wearing. Always carry a sarong with you when you travel for a quick cover-up. If you happen to be in shorts and spaghetti straps, you can use a sarong as a shawl to cover your shoulders or wrap it around your waist to cover your bare legs. It is very versatile.

Put a couple of sarongs down on the sand and you can lay comfortably on the beach. Give it a shake after use, and it is instantly clean. What you just used as a beach towel is now your wardrobe back to your bungalow.

You can buy them at any market for cheap, cheap, cheap. I have several sarongs and I buy them wherever I go. I use them for anything I can imagine and I am always finding new ways to use my beloved sarong.

Great article. Thank you. Another use is as gift wrapping. When my friend started her vanlife experience I wrapped her gift in a sarong as an extra gift. I think she likes the sarong more than the gift it was wrapping!

Nice sum up with the pictures too. My cousin is traveling with me rtw right now and she brought a sarong along and I have been jealous! Love the tips and her sarong has come in handy for ALL of the above tips ? It will definitely be in my bag next time I leave.

This is a wonderful post. Such a great idea. I have never thought about using it as bedsheet before. Brilliant! I love sarong.. I even have one that customized with my name in Thai. ? My mom bought one for me when she went to Bali. They are not only versatile but very beautiful!

Yes the color of this bikini set from PrettyLittleThing is technically pretty simple, but that daring cutout on the bikini top makes up for the lack of print! Style this mini sarong over the barely-there bottoms for a fresh twist on the basic bikini and sarong look.

This classic blue-and-white colorway has been refreshed by way of some very adorable polka dots. The tie-front top is to die for and the longer sarong provides a some added coverage when worn with cheeky matching bottoms underneath. 041b061a72


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