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Panaseeda is the highest quality oil you can get because of many factors; the flax is of the highest quality, certified organic, and non-GMO origin as well as extracted from the seed by Panaseeda’s patented press technology TM All of these factors ensure that the oil is not altered and that all it’s beneficial properties remain intact.  Panaseeda oils come in a Miron glass bottle ensuring that virtually no light can reach the contents which is essential for keeping the product from becoming rancid.  Once an oil becomes rancid it would also become acidic versus alkaline then turning a healthy choice into a harmful one. High in fiber, potassium and rich in Omega-3 (ALA, EPA, DHA).  Omega-3 is an important component of almost all cell membranes; therefore, sufficient amounts of these fatty acids are necessary and need to be balanced to maintain good health.  A Harvard study titled, “The Preventable Causes of Death in the United States: Comparative Risk Assessment of Dietary Lifestyle and Metabolic Risk Factors” revealed that an omega-3 deficiency causes an alarming 72,000-96,000 deaths annually. 


The Omega-3, ALA constitutes 57% of the total essential fatty acids in flax making flax the richest source of ALA in the North American diet.  Reduces cholesterol along with a proper diet, reduces the risk of heart failure, heart attacks, reduces the risk of cancer, aids in the growth of healthy hair and nails, promotes healthy skin, reduces menopause symptoms, plays a role in burning body fat. It is also helpful to reduce symptoms of Crohn’s disease and colitis as it reduces intestinal inflammation.


*Please consult with your medical physician prior to use especially if nursing or pregnant


200ml  - $39

Panaseeda Golden Flax Oil 250ml

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