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Used for centuries for it’s healing properties Coriander has an incredibly impressive list of properties such as regulating unnaturally thin blood to prevent uncontrolled bleeding: it stimulates the secretion of insulin therefore indicated for diabetes, it lowers HDL (bad cholesterol) and raises LDL (good cholesterol); coriander has anti-bacterial properties because of it’s component dodecenal in fact is two times more effective than gentamicin (the salmonella pharmaceutical); holds an exceptional phytonutrient content; contains a high quantity of vitamin K that aides in carrying calcium directly to the bones strengthening them and helping to prevent further loss or thinning and aiding in reduction of bruising, coriander is also indicated for osteopenia and osteoporosis, also indicated for strengthening the immune system, it is an uplifting stimulatory herb and will therefore energize you, be sure to take far from sleep hours.

* 30ml Miron glass dropper bottle $49.-


*Please consult with your medical physician prior to use especially if nursing or pregnant

Panaseeda Coriander Seed Oil 50ml

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