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Discovered in Greece over 6,000 years ago, Amaranth means "everlasting", because Amaranth flowers do not wilt. Together with its astonishing effects on vitality and longevity, the Aztecs made Amaranth their primary food. 80% of the Aztecs caloric intake consisted of Amaranth. This is the ultimate Warrior Food for energy and longevity. Consuming the oil from Amaranth boosts the nutritional value to your body by 20 times!. Amarynth oil contains the highest amount of Squalene than any other seed oil and due to it’s high concentration, even more than if attained from shark liver where squalene supplements are normally extracted. Squalene is a natural anti-cancer component and has been linked to the Shark's immunity to cancer.


*Please consult with your medical physician prior to use especially if nursing or pregnant

Panaseeda Amaranth Oil 30ml

  • Squalene is essential for far too many functions in the body to mention but to name a few, it contains polyphenols, essential fatty acids and Omega oils, it has been scientifically proven to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, lower high blood pressure, it’s essential in the prevention and in combating of cancer, it expels radiation from the body, aides in protecting eyesight, it’s anti-inflammatory and is nourishing so is beneficial for reducing the effects of arthritis, it is anti-oxidant/anti-aging and therefore it will also notably improve the health of the hair skin and nails.

  • Panaseeda is the highest quality amaranth oil in existence because Panaseeda ensures they attain their amaranth from places where the environment is uncontaminated and clean. They lab test each source to ensure it’s purity and they use a one of a kind patented technology called Virgin Press technology whereby the precious oil is unaltered and therefore where the nutrients remain completely intact. This amaranth oil is protected from degradation or oxidation because it’s stored in Miron glass. It has a light, pleasant nutty taste.

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