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Where To Buy Empty Eyeshadow Palette

The price varies from the product quantities and SKUs of your order. Generally the more you order, the lower unit price you cost. Our price is very competitive. For example, it only spend $335 to get 50 pcs eyeshadow palettes (4 shades) with UV colorful print.

where to buy empty eyeshadow palette


Exclusive empty palette for holding three eyeshadows, featuring a built-in mirror, double-ended sponge applicator and magnetic closure that makes it easier to open and close. Functional and elegant, the palette is designed to hold up to three High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadows of your choice.

The uniquely designed removable system features magnets that hold the eyeshadows securely in place. You can personalize your palette, mixing and matching the colours as you like. The design is minimalist and elegant with a cover embellished with the new KK logo.

The internal mirror and double-ended sponge applicator simplify eyeshadow application for a precise, professional-looking result in no time. The Shade Selection 03 palettes are stackable to keep your eyeshadows organized and close at hand. The shiny black palette has a semi-transparent top, which lets you see the eyeshadow colours inside.

The innovative removable system features magnets that guarantee that the interchangeable eyeshadows will stay in place, even when carried in your bag. You can mix and match the High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadows and take them with you in the handy palettes, according to your needs. An innovative, convenient and elegant system.

Go to your local cosmetic store or grocery store to buy an empty eyeshadow palette. A more convenient way is to look for retailers online, such as on Amazon and eBay. These retailers often offer a variety of eye shadow packaging palettes that match market trends. You can generally find one that fits your needs, whether you want a magnetic eyeshadow palette or an empty eyeshadow palette with mirror.

Wholesale empty eyeshadow palettes bulk, we recommend that you find a trustworthy professional custom packaging manufacturer and supplier if you wish to purchase a large number of eyeshadow packages. You can find hundreds of vendors from around the world through social networking. However, without experience, you are likely to choose packaging that costs you money and does not bring any sales. Here's how to find an empty eyeshadow palette provider that suits you.

You should find a supplier of eyeshadow makeup packaging that is reasonably priced, and a color palette tailored to your product will enhance the value, charm, and sales of your product. A wide range of materials must also be considered when designing. Consequently, suppliers with a well-developed design team can design and produce based on the characteristics of your product and trends in your market, adding some useful features to enhance the value of your brand.

A customizable case that can hold any refill item with a magnetic base (Artist Color Shadow, Artist Face Color Sculpting Powders, Blushes, Highlighters, etc.)Create a custom eyeshadow or face palette using your favorite shades.", "brand": "Make Up For Ever", "sku": "MI000046004" } SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER

Interior Magnetic Area: 3.7 inches x 3.5 inches Exterior: 3.9 inches x 3.9 inchesThis product is sold as an empty palette.Cosmetics featured in the images above or on social media are sold separately. 041b061a72


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