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Teorija Knjizevnosti Dragisa Zivkovic Pdf Download

Teorija knjizevnosti dragisa zivkovic pdf download

Teorija knjizevnosti sa teorijom pismenosti (Literary Theory with Theory of Literacy) is a book by Dragisa Zivkovic, a Serbian historian and literary theorist who taught at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. The book, first published in 2001, is a comprehensive introduction to the study of literature, covering various aspects such as genres, forms, styles, periods, movements, authors, works, and methods of analysis. It also includes a section on the theory of literacy, which examines the relationship between language, writing, reading, and communication.

teorija knjizevnosti dragisa zivkovic pdf download


The book is based on Zivkovic's extensive teaching experience and research in the field of literary theory and history. He was interested in the balance between theoretical and historical thinking, and focused on the literary work as the central object of study. He also compared Serbian literature with European literature in his multi-volume work Evropski okviri srpske knjizevnosti (European Frameworks of Serbian Literature), which explores the influences and interactions between different literary traditions.

Teorija knjizevnosti sa teorijom pismenosti is widely regarded as a classic textbook for students and scholars of literature. It has been praised for its clarity, rigor, breadth, and depth of knowledge. It has also received several awards, such as the DKV Lifetime Achievement Award in 1990, the Mladen Leskovac Award for Laza Kostic - Poet of the 20th Century in 1993, the Stanislav Vinaver Award for European Frameworks of Serbian Literature in 1995, and the Prosveta Award for European Frameworks of Serbian Literature in 1998.

The book is available in PDF format online for free download from various sources . However, readers are advised to respect the author's copyright and use the book for educational purposes only.

Zivkovic was born in Zajecar in 1914 and died in Novi Sad in 2002. He started his academic career at the University of Belgrade, then moved to Sarajevo, and finally settled in Novi Sad in 1962, where he became a full professor the next year. He taught literary theory and Serbian literature of the 19th century at the Department of Yugoslav Literature. He also gave special courses at the postgraduate literary studies. He was a member of the Matica srpska, where he participated in various activities such as editing the Letopis and the Zbornik za knjizevnost i jezik. Zivkovic was influenced by various schools and trends of literary theory, such as formalism, structuralism, semiotics, hermeneutics, and reception theory.


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