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Attract Women: How To Become The Dominant, Masc...

For the fire service to become gender inclusive, organizational leaders need to examine successful methods to attract and retain women. Women face physical challenges, psychological strains and challenges tied to the long-time male-dominated culture of the fire service. These barriers can adversely affect a department's ability to recruit and retain women.

Attract Women: How to Become the Dominant, Masc...

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Steffo is the founder of The Tantric Man Experience, the #1 masculine mentorship program in the world. There he helps men in relationships reignite the passion to restore their marriages from the brink of divorce. And single men attract their dream women naturally with success. He's on a mission to guide men towards an intimate and meaningful relationship, and end the war with their sexuality, so they can finally become integrated men, fathers, brothers, husbands, and leaders in the world.

When you become able to embrace your true energy, be it masculine or feminine, you will be able to give your authentic self to your partner or to attract compatible partners with whom you share passion. This is the first step to creating relationship polarity. The next step is to examine your relationship itself.

West K, Borras-Guevara ML. When cisgender, heterosexual men feel attracted to transgender women: Sexuality-norm violations lead to compensatory anti-gay prejudice. Journal of Homosexuality. 2021:1-19. doi:10.1080/00918369.2021.1938467 041b061a72


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