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This page was inspired by her client's trust in her recommendations as she is known for insisting on only the best of everything from A-Z.  Tried, tested, thoroughly and personally researched for quality as well as for ethical practices in business; this list including practitioners, products, methods, and stores mentioned here are carefully selected and proudly advocated by Janet.  

Supplement Brands:  Panaseeda Oils, Oceans Alive, Auum Omega Oils, BioOptimizers, Thorne Laboratories, Gandalf, Ginestra, Douglas Labs, Kangen Alkaline, Iodized & high ORP water transforming machines.                       

Health Practitioners:  Dr.Christina Gordon ND, Dr.Jennifer Shalit ND, 

Skin, Lifestyle & Body Care Products: Eminence Organic Skin Care, Skin Ceuticals, Sisley Paris, Borage Therapy, Divine Essence Essential Oils, The Aromatherapist Essential Oils, Organic Infusions Essential Oils.

Stores:  The Big Carrot Organic Food Market, The Green Post, Symmetry Massage & Yoga, Sagrario Pilates Studio, Novo Spa, Pursuit OCR gym



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